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Poster: garthus Date: Dec 12, 2011 7:57pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Copyfraud

The public libraries have even bought into this lunacy. They try to copyright documents and materials which are long in the public domain by placing their institutional copyright on the electronic version of the book or document. Even a casual review of the copyright statutes will reveal that once an item is in the Public Domain, changing its file format does not change its Public Domain status. I recieved a good bit of criticism for questioning such antics when I worked for a library consortium in New York. They actually believe such crap and really have this feeling of ownership of Public Domain materials which are in their custody.

A short time ago I was able to obtain a good number of issues of a popular local historical journal. I could not convince the leadership of the consortium to digitize them do to lack of interest. I then digitized several volumes as a test and the result was:;

A good number of downloads and much interest on the part of local libraries. Basically they would not agree to the digitization of this material because my requirement was to place them in the Public Domain and they had this feeling of ownership if they would have supported the work. This, even though the consortium was completely publically funded. I brought to their attention that they could place all of the items which they were placing in their digital library (at great cost to the taxpayers) on the Archive for no cost; but they did not like the fact that the Archive's name would be associated with their materials. This is the mind-set that we are dealing with. Public-sector workers who have this feeling of entitlement and ownership of something which not only belongs to the public, but, which is being paid for by the public. This is why I am 'very' cynical when I hear mention of asking our government officials for permission to do anything. They literally corrupt and destroy nearly anything which they lay their hands on (witness the current economic mess both at the Federal and State levels). Copyright no longer protects intellectual property (as if it really ever did), it institutionalizes corporate plutocracy, enabled by our elected officials.

The only possible action which we can take that may help protect our Public Domain works, is to quickly place them up on the Archive under some sort of Creative Commons license. Once this is done, it will be difficult for the Corporate interests and their elected associates to undo their Public Domian status without exposing their duplicitous motives.


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Poster: coollee Date: Dec 13, 2011 2:24am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Copyfraud

If only we have thinking like yours in Washington. Want to run for POTUS?